The Jakarta Planetarium and Observatory is a means of educational tourism that presents performances or simulations showing astrology and celestial bodies in the universe. Visitors are invited to wander the universe to understand the conception formulating the universe.

Planetarium and Observatory Jakarta Development initiated by the first President of the Republic of Indonesia, Soekarno, made one of the milestones for the world of Science and Technology in Indonesia, especially in the field of Astronomy. The idea came about to Bung Karno to build a Planetarium to cater to the development of science as well as a place of educational tourism in downtown Jakarta. Based on the mandate, the construction of Planetarium and Observatory Jakarta building on Jalan Cikini Raya No. 73 Central Jakarta, located in Taman Raden Saleh, originally Cikini Zoo, with the help of funds from the Joint Batik Cooperative Indonesia (GKBI).

Activities held by Planetarium and Observatory Jakarta include theater stars, observations of the Sun and the celestial bodies (Planet, Moon), observation of astronomical phenomena (such as solar eclipses, eclipses of the moon, comet launches, meteor showers), and astronomy extension activities to schools. The activity is in dedication to form awareness and participation to the community, especially students, to help improve Earth Sciences and Space beyond the school curriculum (extra-curriculum).

From time to time Planetarium and Observatory Jakarta always strive to improve services by adding various facilities / infrastructure and supporting facilities such as the addition of astronomical information content and display materials in the exhibition space, the addition of equipment / instruments for the planetarium and observatory, including a variety of related activities depending on the occasion.

Looking at the future, Planetarium and Observatory Jakarta seeks to improve the arrangement to realize the dream in the concept of edutainment, which is to fulfill its vision and mission as an educational tourism site that develops educational and educational function as well as astronomical entertainment in order to increase people, especially young people to the importance of arts and sciences.

Source: Planetarium