Jose Rizal Book Store

Book Gallery of Deklamasi Workshop is known as an asset of the DKI Jakarta Government, located at Art Center of Jakarta - Ismail Marzuki Park, Jalan Cikini Raya No. 73, Central Jakarta (10330).

The idea of ??Declaration Bookshop Gallery Workshop, was established when Rendra Theater Workshop was invited to attend "1st New York Festival", in America, 1988. New York was home to vast “Secondhand book stores,” especially those of theater and movies, thus arising Jose Rizal Manua’s desire to establish one in Jakarta. In 1994, he met with Soerjadi Soedirdja, Governor of Jakarta of the time and conveyed his idea, receiving a pleasant response. Leading the project was the Jakarta Cultural Affairs Department, to build Galeri Buku Bengkel Deklamasi at Taman Ismail Marzuki, in the corner of Graha Bhakti Budaya.

Inaugurated on July 27, 1996, by the Director of the Jakarta Art Center, Pramana Padmodarmaja, the inauguration lead the attendance of many renown Indonesian writers and artists of the time, among them attended; Rendra, Sutardji Calzoum Bachri, Taufiq Ismail, Leon Agusta, Iwan Fals, Remy Sylado, Seno Gumira Ajidarma, Noorca Marendra, Slamet Sukirnanto, Franky Raden, Sanuel Wattimena, Eka D. Sitorus, Fatman Riyanto, Dorman Borisman, Teguh Esha.

Commentary on the Guest book from the artists;

- Rendra: "A short and warm meeting place between friends and friends, but an even more practical to be to collaborate between friends, o.k! Success!"

- Taufiq Ismail: "After 28 years TIM is finally established! Incidentally the initiator Jose Rizal Manua, our young artist. Congratulations! "

- Leon Agusta: An important "terminal" in the PKJ-TIM. Moreover, because of literary texts, old records can be found."

- Slamet Sukirnanto: "Jose, this gallery is not just a book store, but has a bigger meaning in order to socialize literature. Declamation Workshop should move on and grow."

- Hamid Jabbar: "Bismillah! Our Book Store Jose. "

- True Esha: "In the Name of a Compassionate, Merciful God. There are two kinds of books: the good & the bad for humans. The civilization of the various peoples of mankind is evident to this day. Man needs books! I hope the book is in your shop, my best friend."

- Franky Raden: "I think this Book Store should be there when TIM stands up, but that’s Okay! Bravo Jose!”

- Eka D. Sitorus: "Jose, This nice gallery needs AC!"

- Seno Gumira Ajidarma: "Rare Bookstore with used" treasure "books - and bona fide guides Jose Rizal."

- Norca Marendra: "One of my ideals that have not been accomplished until now is to have a bookstore of this kind. I am "jealous" and the future is in your hands. Congratulations. Success. Bonne chace! "

- Samuel Wattimena: "Thank you for this Gallery. It surely helps me a lot!”

- Dorman Borisman: "Congratulations for the Bookshop Gallery of Declamation. This gallery is enough to help literary enthusiasts-art, culture, and so on. Now we can easily get these types of books. Hopefully the knowledge & science that you sell here becomes more vibrant and diverse. And the interest of readers who buy it even more intense and intimate ".

- Diah Hadaning: "Jose! It turns out that this is proof of your love for art and life in its "intellect" form. Congratulations, lots of success. Per aspera ad astra!"

- Fat Riyanto: "For the Book Gallery Yos. You are great. This country is built from hard work like this. You've been worth it for our generation the following day. "

- Remy Sylado: "Success, really good!"

- Iwan Fals: Wah!"

From the comments above, it is obvious that Gallery Bookshop of Taman Reklamasi Taman Ismail Marzuki is highly necessary for the community. Especially for humanists, writers and artists.

Also, at the age of 30, the Bookshop has been well known in foreign countries (America, UK, France, Netherlands, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darissalam, etc.).

Hopefully, this Bookshop Art Gallery is still maintained, so it can be one of the icons for the Jakarta Art Center - Taman Ismail Marzuki.

Best regards,

Jose Rizal Manua

Poet / Dramawan