Kineforum is the first alternative room in Jakarta that offers a variety of film programs rotationally as well as engage in pre-/post- discussions. The films are one that can be an alternative spectacle for you as a public member. From both classic and contemporary films, long and short films, foreign and domestic films, non-mainstream and mainstream films. Playback is done in a room that meets the technical standards of professional cinema with adequate sound system. We are trying our best to play the best quality technical film that facilitates a total of 45 people.

The kineforum program was held in response to the absence of non-commercial cinema in Jakarta and the need for a space for intercultural exchange and ideas through audio-visual work. In accordance with our name, kine comes from a cinema identical to "moving pictures", and a forum which means meeting space of ideas, we believe in the full medium of cinema as messengers, discussion lighters, knowledge dissemination and insight extension. Kineforum strives to carry out the principles of "cinema learning" and "learning through the cinema.”

Kineforum is open for various event rentals related to audio-visual material presentation and discussion. Each rental space submission will be reviewed by KINEFORUM Management respectively.


Address: Taman Ismail Marzuki (Back Gallery III)
Jl. Cikini raya No. 73 Central Jakarta 10330