On attending the shows, it is our shared obligation to maintain order and conciseness so that audiences may enjoy the show and respect the performers in exhibiting their crafts.
Things to note are :

Sound and Noise

During the show the audience is prohibited from issuing sounds and noises from whatever source. Electronic equipment, talking, personal carry on and others due to interference with the concentration of other audiences as well as performers.

Make sure you:

  • Turn off or set your communication device on silent position and set the brightness of your communication device monitor to the lowest level so that the monitor's light does not interfere with other viewers.
  • Do not talk during the show, even if talking to the person next to you be sure to speak in hushed whispers and lowest possible volume.
  • Keep your bags as neat as possible.

Dressing Rules

Generally, there are no special rules to dress in attending the show, however you should make sure you look neat or in casual form (e.g. collared shirts) that are comfortable for you to enjoy the show. Some formal events / performances usually have special rules in dressing like traditional batik, using blazer, jackets and dresses. Be sure to check your tickets for dress code (if any).


Arriving early is a great way to enjoy the whole show, by arriving early you have enough time before the show begins to exchange tickets (if needed), go to the restroom, eat and drink and navigate your seating location in the show auditorium.

What if I'm late?

In almost any show, if you’re late, you are allowed to enter at certain moments in the show or break / show performances. If you are late, please approach the doorman / usher on duty.

May I go to the toilet when the show goes?

Yes. Going to the toilet is permitted at certain times during the show, please make sure to address the attendant.


Both personal and professional documentation are generally not permitted at the time of the show depending on the performance of the show's policy usually announced before the show begins.

In case of allowance, turn off all forms of flash and audio either camera or smartphone, and set the light brightness from your smartphone monitor to a low level. The smartphone monitor's light interferes with the rest of the audience. Make sure when you take a picture do not obstruct the view of people behind you.

Age Limit

Make sure you buy tickets for the show to suit the age of the audience, especially children. Generally the show allows the age limit of 6 years and over to attend the show.

Food and Drinks

You are prohibited to eat and drink in the auditorium of the show whether the show is live or not. This is to maintain order and cleanliness of the auditorium.

Enjoy your food and drinks in the cafe area located in the foyer or outside the theater before, rest and after the show