Galeri Cipta III

Gallery Cipta III can be used for exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, discussions/seminars, and short film screenings. This 2 story building can hold about 400 paintings and is equipped with special lighting, sound system and movable panels.


  1. Prioritized for artists or art communities including collective artists who want to showcase their latest works.
  2. Prioritized for the work of young artists and experimental works.
  3. Involved the role of the young curator in designing the exhibition theme. 


Literature and Art Products Activities: Discussions, Seminars, Workshops, Lectures, Product Launches, Press Conference.

  1. Preferably for young writers with the genre/experimental writing style.
  2. For non-literature, preferably for themes/publications relating to art and cultural aspects of the work of young writers/thinkers, including research results.

Venue Information